Young Life

Young Life plays a huge part in my life and my testimony.  I first entered the craziness as a dorky 6th grader and went to a Young Life camp called Southwind in Okalawaha, FL.  Since this "best week of my life" Young Life has been present through every moment... even the hardest ones.  While at FSU, I had the privilege of being a volunteer leader for all 4 years that I spent in Tallahassee.  Recently, as my year in Haiti came to a close, God continued to lay Young Life's ministry on my heart.  Today, I am serving as Jacksonville Young Life's Administrative Assistant as well as volunteer team leader at Ponte Vedra High School in North St. John's County Young Life and loving it!  It is seriously insane what God is doing in this community and I feel so blessed to be a part of it!
(Visit these sites to learn more about Young Life in the Jax Metro area!)
Jacksonville Young Life
Check out our annual 5K!

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