Haiti became a part of my life in the summer of 2007.  Between first stepping foot in this beautiful country and my graduation from FSU in 2010, I returned as many times as possible.  After ditching the cap and gown I applied to Mission of Hope for a 6 month internship working in their orphanage.  In September of 2010 I moved to Titanyen, Haiti.  From this point on, my life was forever changed.  When 6 months wasn't enough I extended my commitment to finish out a year as the Activities Coordinator for MOH's orphanage of 60 kids!  Every single child is ingrained in my heart and are a part of my family.  Everyday, each of these children, as well as the amazing staff that surrounded me, are on my mind. My time in Haiti has held some of my toughest moments and so many of my favorite memories.  The things that God taught me and continues to reveal to me are amazing.  Getting on the plane in September, 2011 to move back to Jax was possibly the hardest thing I will ever do.  Today, I am resting in knowing that God is in control! 
(Follow these links to learn more about what I did in Haiti!)

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