Thursday, July 31, 2014

Iced Caffein

    What an amazing summer it has been! Each day of this summer has only brought me more excitement for what's to come in the Southside of Jacksonville!  I wish I could sit down with each of you, share some ICED coffee, laugh and sit in awe of what the Lord is doing!

    Above all else this summer I have been struck by the relentless ways Jesus is pursuing my heart.  He continues to give me spontaneous moments with friends, priceless memories with family and so much encouragement from many of you!  Though it has been a summer of ups and downs, packed days and slow days, laughter and tears, I  wouldn't trade a moment.

Pray BIG List and Upcoming Events:
Funding- As I close out this fiscal year please pray for continued fundraising.  I am currently at 80% raised and need to get to 100% by the end of September!

Leadership Training- God is building an army of new volunteer leaders in Jacksonville!  As our team grows please pray for training and community to develop!

Empty Board Positions- As Young Life grows in the Southside area we are always looking for adults to join us!  (Specifically looking for someone with a fundraising background.)

Southside Jax Students!  We are partnering with FUSE and FCA at ACHS to hold a kickoff event on August 15th!  Pray for us to meet students across the Southside of Jacksonville!  Our Metro Jax YL Crud War is also happening August 25th in Clay Co.

Duval County School students and teachers as they start school back on August 18th!