Friday, May 31, 2013

Yuck War!

This is a special day for all Wyldlife campers at Southwind because it starts in the mud pit! Today, over 200 middle school kids and their leaders dove face first, literally, into the dirt... and it was a blast!  
These courageous Summer Staff (college students serving for the month) held the bat for group Dizzy Bat in the mud pit! (see video)  Troopers!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week Only (#1)

David, our Camp Director this month and Jax's Metro Director the rest of the time, said something that really stuck with me at our morning devotion yesterday... "Every week is Week Only."  During my month here we will see 5 rounds of campers step off the bus and into the "best week" of their lives!  Fatigue, soreness, and distraction are bound to occur. I love the idea of treating every week or group as if it were the only one... So, yesterday, we kicked of Week Only!

As many of you know, I am filling the role of Head Leader this month and am working very closely with each Wyldlife leader that gets to share the Good News with their middle school friends.  Please join me in praying for each of these areas and their leaders that are here for the week!

Fayette County, GA
 Nashville, TN:
 Baldwin/Putnam, GA:
 Hickory, NC:
 East Atlanta:
 Tifton, GA:
 Thomas County, GA:
Little Rock Arkansas: 
 Charlotte Harbor, FL:

Day 1 was pretty insane and I was on my feet for over 16 hours!  Myself, Ashlen, and Som (my team) prepped for arrival, welcomed and checked in each group, facilitated games, ran our first leader meeting, hosted dinner, and kept watch over a late night pool party! To say the least, it was a full day! Here is a pic of us from the welcome tent!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Here we go!

I am so excited that my summer assignment has officially begun!  I will be in the role of Head Leader here, at Southwind Young Life Camp, for the next month!  On top of that I feel so blessed to have my bro with me!  He will be on Summer Staff as program tech.  

This is going to be a month of craziness, laughter, and love while surrounded by an amazing team of people that God has hand picked to be here!  

Please come alongside me in prayer as I enter this new adventure!  Check back here for lots of pics, stories, and updates from me!  

You can also send Dylan or I some snail mail to:
18115 SE 95th Street Rd.
Ocklawaha, FL 32179

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leaving the nest

Graduation is a bitter sweet time for Young Life's ministry. Students that you have invested so much in are growing wings and preparing to leave.  

This is especially hard for me this year as we send one of our students, Lyndsay, off to Auburn.  Since I lead Wyldlife (Young Life's middle school outreach) while living in Tallahassee for school, I never had to see any of my students graduate before I left for Haiti.  Lyndsay has been a constant source of encouragement to me since moving back to Jax in 2011.  Whether we are at Young Life camp, eating Yobe, doing Work Crew, traveling to Haiti, or just driving around, her joy, laughter, and the way she loves others is contagious.  

Auburn is gaining an amazing leader and I am already looking forward to road trips and seeing Lyndsay throw flower petals at my wedding! ( date and husband to be determined.)  Love you Lynds!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's coming!

Wow!  What an amazing, exciting, and crazy time of year it is leading up to summer with Young Life!  Weeks of anticipation have been building and I can't believe I leave for camp on Monday!

This summer I am so blessed that I get to be at Southwind Young Life Camp for an entire month!  For this month I will be working as Head Leader and will get to witness hundreds of campers, leaders, summer staffers, work crew, and fellow assign team come together and experience our amazing Savior. 

Following my Assignment at Southwind I will be heading to North Carolina to take a few girls to Pioneer Plunge Young Life Camp.  Plunge is probably my favorite Young Life experience because it completely removes the distractions of everyday life and surrounds you with raw community, growth, and love.  It is nothing short of a life altering experience!

My last camping trip of the summer will take me back to the Carolinas to a brand new Young Life Camp, Carolina Point.  Our students from Ponte Vedra High and Nease High School will be some of the first summer campers for this property.  We are stoked, to say the least!

Please email me at if you are interested in being a part of my prayer and support team and I will continue to send you email updates with stories, photos, and prayer requests.  Thank you!!!

-Southwind: May 27 - June 25
-Pioneer Plunge: June 30 - July 6
-Carolina Point: July 21 - 27  

Below is a letter we recently sent out from Jacksonville Young Life inviting friends to be a vital part of taking students to camp this summer!  Check it out!