Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It is finished but He is not!

Wow, what a powerful few days it has been!  

On Thursday night I got to attend the Easter service at The Church of Eleven 22.  Every time I step into that old Wal Mart, God rushes in, grabs my hand, lets me sit in his lap, and breathes words into my heart.  As we walked  through Psalm 22 I felt as though I was sitting in that huge and crowded room alone with Jesus.  Jesus began pouring out his thoughts in front of me... his desire for me to live in the realization that "He has done it!"  I love the image of  Jesus healing the paralyzed man in Luke 5.  Once he has healed him Jesus says, "I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home."  So often I find myself laying back down on my mat... How is it possible that Jesus has given me life and I continually choose to sit on my mat?!  To me, the most beautiful part of the verse, "He has done it!" is that it is written in past tense!  It is over!  Jesus has taken it all, left it on the cross, and has risen!  It is finished but He is not!

The following morning my heart was broken to hear that a former student of Tallahassee Young Life had passed away.  I am so thankful that I was able to attend Price's funeral on Monday in Tallahassee.  What a beautiful picture of the massive impact that Price had on those around him!  With the sheer number of people in attendance, each story told, and every memory shared, Christ's love was poured out on that community.  My Tallahassee Young Life family was rocked by the loss of one of its most joyful students but I am positive that every friend, class mate, leader, and family member walked out of that church in awe of Price's faith in Jesus Christ.  He truly lived and loved out of the fact that Christ had done it! 

 Tallahassee Wyldlife at Southwind '07