Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Rounded up to 30!
Halfway to 50!
A quarter of a century!

Yesterday, February 25th, 2013, I turned 25 years old!  I love birthdays and this one was no exception!  God has used the past few days to give me glimpses at how much He loves and cares for me.  Sometimes, the best picture of God's love and grace is presented through the family and friends He has surrounded me with. It's shocking and takes my breath away!

Since I turned 25 on the 25th, it was a Golden birthday all around... complete with lots of gold decor, everyone in golden attire, a beautiful gold present from the rents, and the most delicious salted caramel cupcakes with gold sprinkles!  Needless to say, my birthday was memorable, fun, yummy, and golden!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twa Kod

I feel beyond blessed that I have been able to see the ministry and community of Three Cords grow, love, and laugh since we first met in a tiny and very hot room.  The men and women that fill their now 2 large buildings are, hands down, the most joyful people I know!

Visit www.3cordshaiti.com now to learn more and do a little shopping!

Here's a teaser video to give you a glimpse!

3 Cords The Story Teaser from 3 Cords Haiti on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

joie de vivre

There's an interesting thing about working in full time ministry... you always seem to be surrounded with a community of people who work in ministry as well.  This has its ups and downs... UP: they understand, are always ready to listen, and usually a blast to do anything with!  DOWN: they are also always working crazy hours and usually don't stay in one place for long.

This week looks the same... up and down.  My friend, Margo, is on staff with Cru, a ministry on college campuses, and has been home in Jax for the past several months fundraising support so that she can get back to work.  While I lived in Haiti, Margo was serving in Paris and was then placed at the Cru office in Irvine, CA last year.  Just a few days ago, Margo reached 100% support raised and is officially moving back to CA.  The up side... Margo gets to continue the amazing work God has called her to, the huge burden of fundraising is gone, and I have someone to visit in CA!  The down side... one of my closest and most caring friends is moving across the country and it literally costs me more $$$ to visit her than to break out the passport and go to Haiti!

I know this for sure, God is present in all decisions, relationships, and big moves.  He has chosen Margo for an amazing work and it is such a blessing to witness it!  As she packs to start a ridiculously long road trip, I am boarding a roller coaster of celebrating goals reached, lots of hang outs crammed into a few days, and a goodbye I can't bring myself to think about.

You can check out Margo's Blog by 
clicking this link:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love does.

His command is everywhere!  Go! Do! Love!

In Acts 9 Ananias is blown away that Jesus has set his sights on, hands down, the most impossible person to reach with the Good News.  Ananias questions the idea that he could ever influence Saul, of all people!  Jesus responds with:
"Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel." 
Acts 9:15

So often, I doubt the power and strength of the Good News.  Jesus has gone before us.  It is done.  Why, then, do I keep my mouth shut, think "That kid would never come to camp," and doubt the powerful ways that Christ is constantly expanding His kingdom?  

As a Young Life leader, we were asked to make a camp wish list.  It is made up of three categories: 1.Yes 2.No 3.Hell No
Students' names can then be categorized by their likelihood of coming to camp this summer.  It's amazing to look back and see how God works in huge ways and just does it. 

I'm currently reading Love Does by Bob Goff.  This book takes love from a feeling to an action and transforms the Kingdom. 

"What Jesus said we could do is leave typical behind.  We could leave all of the comparisons and all of the trappings and all of the pretending of religion.  Jesus told the people he was with that it's not enough to just look like you love God.  He said we'd know the extent of our love for God by how well we loved people."

"That's what love does- it pursues blindly, unflinchingly, and without end.  When you go after something you love, you'll do anything it takes to get it, even if it costs everything."