Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What have you been up to???

•met my new Siamese twin and roomie!
•lots of YOUNGLIFE!
•FSU football of course!
•became a substitute teacher for Duval!
•babysitting for the cutest nug!
•new car: vinny!!!
•amazing road trip to Atl, Cattanooga, Knoxville, Asheville, Charlotte, and Colombia! (all in 3.5 days!)
•a Christmas trip to Haiti to visit my kiddos and wrap some 80+ presents!
•up to 35 lbs lost :)
•lots of family time :)
•an amazing Christmas!
•a rad New Years!
•Polar Plunge! (can't believe this was the first year I did this... New tradition!)
•and so much beach, laughing, and life in between...
•what's next? Currently moving into a small house 1 block from the beach! (is this real life?!), headed to Haiti for a wedding in feb, YL weekend camp at Southwind, lots of tutoring, and some more subbing and babysitting!
•goal: blog more!

.... I rest in knowing that Christ is in control! Through His grace given to me...