Thursday, November 18, 2010

Post Traumatic Stress

It seemed like any other Tuesday night... Rachel (the awesome Hope House orphanage director) and I were driving down the hill at Mission of Hope to go to the Tuesday worship service. We parked and started walking towards the church. As we turned the corner, a normal Tuesday night turned into panic.

All of the students in afternoon school were running out of the building... some were screaming, many were crying, most looked confused. We saw the pastor of the church and asked him what was happening. He answered with a word that nobody wants to hear... aftershock. I looked at Rachel confused; neither of us had felt anything. We then heard that a class was released early and ran out of class and down the stairs... this shook the room below them just enough to spark the panic of an aftershock.

Following the commotion, Rachel called the medical team coordinator, Sarah. She came down the hill with the visiting medical team to handle any injuries. The injuries resulting from this false alarm were mostly cuts and scrapes as well as multiple people experiencing panic attacks. The earthquake is still shaking in Haiti, almost a year later.

It is hard to believe that Haiti has been attempting to heal from the earthquake for almost a year now. It is hard to believe because it is clear that many Haitians have not even begun to recover. The movement of people running down the stairs brought all of the fear and pain from January 12 racing back to the forefront of everyone's minds. On Tuesday night I was reminded that Haiti will never fully heal from this tragedy. Though I will never understand what happened that day, I can never forget.

Please always keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. Never forget.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have come to love and crave a cool breeze while living here, in Haiti. As you may know, Haiti is HOT! A cool wind blowing through the windows at night provides a much needed break from the heat and sweat!

Today, wind has become the enemy. Tomas is headed our way and is bringing with it worry and fear for the worst. My heart is breaking for the thousands of people STILL living in tents. (I don't think you can actually call them tents anymore...)

Here, at Mission of Hope, we are preparing for what could come following the storm. The kids at the Hope House Orphanage are moving up into the new kitchen and we are going to have a sleepover full of movies and dancing. The clinic is preparing to receive any injuries as well as go into surrounding towns following the storm.

Please be praying for all of the families that will be left without a tent on Saturday. Please pray for all of our clinic staff. Pray that Tomas continues to weaken. Pray for Haiti... again.