Wednesday, September 22, 2010

experience haiti...

In the 11 days that I have been here I have had many new experiences in Haiti! It has been amazing being in my new home!

-sleep a full night without sweating.
-watch about 10 episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" while cutting out an endless amount of posters.
-make 30 beds.
-order dinner from the restaurant in town.
-paint with oil paint. (never again)
-sit in air conditioning while I write this.
-watch the national Haitian amputee soccer team practice for the World Cup.
-watch the Noles beat BYU on TV!!!!
-drink an ice cold sprite before 10am.
-use a washing machine.
-dance party 2 nights in a row!
-so much more!!!

Needless to say, my little time here has been packed full of fun! Here is a picture of my absolute favorite experience so far!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Titanyen, Haiti

I made it!

Thank you to everyone that has had a hand in bringing me here! God is going to do big things in this place and I am so excited to be a part of it!!! I can feel all of the prayers and support of my friends and family surrounding me here and it is beyond comforting!

Yesterday was definitely long. It pretty much started Saturday night when I got to hang out with my brother after he kicked some insane kick-offs for FIU. I finally made it to bed around 2:30 only to wake up 2 hours later to head to the airport. I got picked up Port au Prince and then made it to church. Seriously, one of the most beautiful and amazing churches i have ever been to. In the afternoon I did some painting and hung out with my new friends.

The community here is so great and so full of God's love. Everyone at Mission of Hope is such an inspiration!

Today, I got to go to an english class and then cleaned the intern house. After lunch we headed to the paint store in Cabaret to get some more paint for the "craft lab." Now, I'm off to paint and hopefully learn some Creole at the same time!

Thank you for being a part of this with me!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

final days in Tallahassee

I had an amazing few days in Tally this past weekend and wanted to share it! I have been constantly reminded of the amazing people I am blessed to have in my life! Without them, let's just say, I would have left Tallanasty a long time ago! :)

I started out the weekend with a trip to First-Friday and dinner @ Monks (my fave Tally restaurant) with Cait! Saw some awesome paintings...

Started getting excited and tailgating @ 8:30am for the FSU kickoff @ noon. (my bro is an avid gator fan. I, of course, had to document his car sporting an FSU flag! <3)

The highlight of the weekend... watching the Seminoles WIN!!!!

Now, I just gotta figure out how to see my Noles win while I'm in Haiti!