Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Graduation is coming fast!!! Things are slowly ending at school. One assignment left and I am done! Not much else going on except watching lots of shows on hulu, reading, hanging out with Tally friends for the last couple weeks, and doing random things like writing in this blog for the first time in months. Not sure why I am having a hard time getting a blog started. I think it would be a great outlet so... I guess I'll keep typing.

I feel like I am at such an odd place in life right now. The world wants me to spout out my plans for the future yet I am being pulled in a direction of such uncertainty. I don't know my plans!
I am resting in the beautiful understanding that God is in control. He is the only one who truly knows my plans... scratch that, His plans. Now, I used the word "understanding." Not sure if I am being truthful by using it. I can't say that I understand anything that is going on in this part of my life. I really can't say that I have completely handed my life over to my Savior.

Right now I am asking Him to give me the strength to trust only in Him. I want God to be completely in control of every decision that I make. In order to do this I have to give it to Him... all of it.

That's where I'm at.

(I love how I find ways to procrastinate doing school work, even my last assignment ever. I should go do that. Hope to write again soon.)