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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Iced Caffein

    What an amazing summer it has been! Each day of this summer has only brought me more excitement for what's to come in the Southside of Jacksonville!  I wish I could sit down with each of you, share some ICED coffee, laugh and sit in awe of what the Lord is doing!

    Above all else this summer I have been struck by the relentless ways Jesus is pursuing my heart.  He continues to give me spontaneous moments with friends, priceless memories with family and so much encouragement from many of you!  Though it has been a summer of ups and downs, packed days and slow days, laughter and tears, I  wouldn't trade a moment.

Pray BIG List and Upcoming Events:
Funding- As I close out this fiscal year please pray for continued fundraising.  I am currently at 80% raised and need to get to 100% by the end of September!

Leadership Training- God is building an army of new volunteer leaders in Jacksonville!  As our team grows please pray for training and community to develop!

Empty Board Positions- As Young Life grows in the Southside area we are always looking for adults to join us!  (Specifically looking for someone with a fundraising background.)

Southside Jax Students!  We are partnering with FUSE and FCA at ACHS to hold a kickoff event on August 15th!  Pray for us to meet students across the Southside of Jacksonville!  Our Metro Jax YL Crud War is also happening August 25th in Clay Co.

Duval County School students and teachers as they start school back on August 18th!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This video (below) struck me as a picture of how we are to approach community and relationships and the vital role that vulnerability plays in doing so.  Right from the beginning Brene states that relationships are everything.
“Connection is why we’re here.  It is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”
She then goes on to name shame and fear as the things that unravel connection.  The thought that feelings of shame and fear are born out of expectations struck me.  Expectations are placed on us from others but more often we place expectations on ourselves.  These expectations directly correlate to our inability to experience real relationships including our relationship with Christ.  Recently I heard a sermon where the pastor said, “ Your experience of God will never grow bigger than your expectation.”  The expectations we hold build a box around where we will see and experience the Lord.  When we remove our expectations we open up space for the Lord to show up bigger than we ever imagined. 
            Brene names the starting point for this process to be worthiness.  Vulnerability in connection is only experienced by those who believe they are worthy of experiencing it.  Expectations implant the idea that we are not good enough and don’t deserve to even find belonging.  I absolutely believe our biggest hindrance in being able to grasp the gravity of God’s love for us is our belief that we don’t deserve it.  Brene stated that the people who had a strong sense of love and belonging in her study believed that they were worthy of it.  These people were the ones that were able to not only accept love but also to love others “wholeheartedly.” 
“Let ourselves be seen.  Deeply seen. Vulnerably seen. … Love with our whole hearts even though there’s no guarantee.”
I love the picture of being poured into and in turn pouring into others.  The two actions go hand in hand but first we must be willing to be poured into.  When we are not accepting of being poured into we will fill that space with something else… Brene refers to this as numbing.  Our culture and world is constantly telling us that this is the only way to deal with the fears of really being seen then possibly being rejected.  We are told to self protect, don’t take chances and never leave yourself open to pain… vulnerability has become negative and a sign of weakness. 
            The Gospel completely counteracts this message with unstoppable, vulnerable and powerful love!  The realization that the Lord meets us exactly where we are with no expectations takes my breath away.  Over and over again he is drawing us in to tell us we are worthy so that we can get a taste of true love!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Do Life

I spent the last 48 hours at Sharp Top Cove Young Life camp getting so excited for my assignment this summer!  I will be the Female Dining Hall Boss for 3 amazing and crazy weeks of Young Life camping at Crook Creek Ranch!  Over the last couple days I got to meet, laugh, pray and plan with my Assign Team of YL staffers from different states in the Southern Division.  It is already evident that the Lord's hands are all over this team and the time we will be spending together at 9,000 ft in Fraser, CO!

Please join me in praying for my fellow Work Crew Bosses! Each member of this team will be literally doing life with a group of high school kids traveling from different states to serve meals, clean toilets, fold sheets, cut grass, wash dishes, and everything in between for 3 weeks!
Matt - WC Coordinator
Robby M - Male Dining Hall Boss
Rex - Pits Boss
Robby B - Outdoor Crew Boss
Cara - Laundry Boss
Robyn - Tawashie Boss

Each of the 40+ high schoolers serving on Work Crew are giving up part of their summer to see their peers come face to face with their Savior and experience true life!  I can't wait to share names, moments, pictures and stories with you!

Lookin all official!